Artist's Statement

It is difficult for me to speak about my art- how and why it unfolds into existence. A friend once said to me, “Shayna, the world is your oyster and your art works are its pearls.” A beautiful poetic statement!

I aspire for my work to be a witness to the sacred and the sublime. I encounter poetry and enchantment in every day life, offering themselves to endless interpretation. I use the brush of my inner eye to represent them in my work. The process is completely organic, sometimes just the celebration of a whimsical connection, sometimes the result of synchronicity as forms magically unfold at the tip of my fingers. I am weaving threads into an unknown tapestry, moving from surprise to surprise, until the work becomes whole.

I find great pleasure in restoring found objects and giving them a new life. Through my art, life’s own vibrations come to animate them again, breathing a renewed power into them as they resonate to the inner chords of mystical music. In my studio, day after day, I let the transformations unfold. My inspiration may come through playfulness, sorrow, or sometimes ecstatic feelings. There is always an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity while the compositions unfold themselves before me. The spontaneous dance of life is eternally spinning through me and shining upon me with a big “Yes!” until I hear a whisper that the work is complete.

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