About Shayna

Shayna Saide LaBeouf is a California artist whose current body of work is the culmination of a lifetime of creative endeavors, whose foundation goes all the way back to childhood adventures of wonderment in city and glade, and whose content and technical prowess is the result of continuous arduous artistic and personal evolution. The subject matter is, boldly, the representation of the Primordial Mystery as incarnated in the magical child, the evanescent life of butterflies, the preciousness of nature, and the wisdom of the Eternal Feminine. The pieces are a mixed-media fusion of sculpture, painting, and collage incorporating traditional imagery from the Renaissance through the Victorian age with assorted gemstones and sculptural antique papers.

LaBeouf was born on the Lower East Side of New York. The daughter of artist, performer, and barber, Shia Saide from Bialystok, Poland and Malki Rosen from a Russian Jewish family. A rebel and explorer, she made friends in all quarters in the multi-ethnic melting pot and attended the Henry Street Settlement cultural center that offered classes in the arts. Her family summered in the Catskills where she was allowed to roam freely in the forest and revel in the beauty and mystery of nature. In the city, she found a similar refuge in the church of St. Mary’s. While showing promise in all the arts, she made a career in modern and jazz dance. She toured the U.S. and Europe and formed a duo with a male dance partner; they performed as an opening act for Dizzy Gillepsie and Sarah Vaughan and many other performers.

In the ‘90’s, Shayna discovered the Angeles Crest Foothills and made the secluded area her home. Finally, by the early 2000’s, she began to reduce her professional fashion activities to devote more time to her fine art endeavors. Alone in her studio, spending long hours in silent contemplation, she became fully absorbed in a boundless exploitative dialogue with the mystery of the universe. Her current body of work is the result of this meditation and the culmination of a life as a prolific and gifted artist of consummate craftsmanship, thoughtfulness, and imagination. It includes a series of poetic “tableaux,” and a collection of one-of-a-kind bejeweled story-telling sculptural works.

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